Looney’s Pub

Looney's Pub


Co-Owners Bill Larney and Steve Litrenta brought together their vision of what the perfect bar would be like…a place with awesome food, lots of beer on tap, plenty to do while hanging out and any sports game you want to watch on the tube.

So they bought one of their favorite bars, knocked out some walls, added some games and TV’s, and added a top notch kitchen too! With these two only one name was truly fitting-Looney’s Pub. The doors to the original Looney’s Pub in Canton, MD opened in the spring of 1993 virtually transforming the quiet neighborhood of Canton into the hippest neighborhood overnight!

Then, almost ten years later, the guys decided it was time to expand their horizons and bring the best bar around to the town of Bel Air. With another transformation complete, the pair opened Looney’s North in the fall of 2002. Today, Looney’s North is the biggest and busiest restaurant, pub and entertainment center in the area.

Looney’s North expanded to double it’s size in 2007 to become the area’s premiere entertainment destination that host the East Coast’s Best bands. We offer the area’s top sound system, over 120 HD tvs and the largest stage around.