Harper's Ferry

The main parking lot at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is located at 171 Shoreline Drive, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 and can accommodate several hundred vehicles. At this location is also the park’s visitor center and starting point for the shuttle bus service to Lower Town.

While other parking does exist in Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, it is extremely limited. We recommend that visitors who plan to explore museums and exhibits or are hiking a trail that begins in Lower Town utilize the main parking lot and shuttle bus. Doing so reduces vehicle congestion in Lower Town and provides for pedestrian safety.

For information about parking areas at battlefield locations within the park, please visit the visitor center or Lower Town Information Center for a map.

Harpers Ferry is a town in West Virginia. Paths wind through Harpers Ferry National Historical Park, which has 19th-century buildings, a Civil War Museum and John Brown’s Fort, a key site in an 1859 abolitionist raid. The location where the Potomac and Shenandoah rivers meet, known as The Point, offers views of Maryland and Virginia. The Appalachian Trail Visitor Center has exhibits on the long-distance hiking trail.

The streetview above is the starting point at Harper's Ferry.  The shuttle bus drops you off here.  

Enjoy the beautiful scenery at Harper's Ferry.  

Courtesy of National Parks Service in Harper's Ferry 

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