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Annapolis, Maryland’s capital city, is on Chesapeake Bay. Its historic district includes 18th-century brick houses and the domed 1700s Maryland State House. On Church Circle, the Romanesque-style St. Anne’s Episcopal Church has Tiffany glass windows and a historic cemetery. The sprawling waterfront grounds of the United States Naval Academy feature beaux arts architecture, monuments and a naval history museum.

  • Free Garage Parking On Weekends: Visitors can park free at Calvert Street Garage (aka State Garage) at 19 St. Johns Street Monday through Friday 6 PM to 6 AM and all weekend from Friday 6 PM to Monday at 6 AM.
  • Free Parking on Sundays at Whitmore Garage: Visitors can park free at Whitmore Garage at 25 Clay Street on Sundays until 4 PM.
  • Knighton Garage  Address: 1a Colonial Ave , Annapolis, MD 21401, $10 per day rate,  FREE Sunday 6am - 1pm, Open 24 hours, website info

Be Careful Not To Get Fined!

Fine changes include:  Effective July 31st, 2019. Enclosed is a summary of changes along with tips for how to park conveniently without risking a citation.

  • Parking at a metered space for more than 2 hours: $50.00
  • Parking adjacent to a red-lined curb, bus stop zone, or fire hydrant zone: $300.00
  • Parking in a space reserved for persons with disabilities: $500.00
  • Parking in a space marked “no parking:” $100.00
  • Exceeding 9 hour parking on St. Johns Street: $50.00
  • Exceeding 8 hour parking on King George Street between Wagner Street and the King George Street Bridge: $50.00
  • Exceeding 2 hour parking on State Circle: $50.00
  • Exceeding the 2 hour maximum on residential streets: $50.00
  • Exceeding the 2 hour maximum on residential streets a 2nd time in 12 months: $70.00
  • Exceeding the 2 hour maximum on residential streets a 3rd time in 12 months:  $105.00
  • Exceeding the 2 hour maximum on residential streets a 4th time in 12 months: $140.00

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